Never Before has your Product Data Management been this Good!

Digitalize, Automate, and Manage — We’ve Got Solutions to Processes All Around Your Product and Media Data.

Set New Standards with Your Product Data

Digitalize your product data processes and experience a new dimension of efficiency. With our know-how and our eggheads Suite for Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM), we support you starting from the very first steps and help establish your company’s success on the markets. We are experts when it comes to handling product data — our many satisfied clients can approve of that.

Strong PIM and MDM with eggheads Suite

More power for your product data: The features of our eggheads Suite support you in all processes revolving around your PIM/MDM. Automated integration, up-to-date data, and high compatibility — manage the entirety of your produced-related data in an easy and efficient manner.

We’re Happy to Share our Know-How

What matters to us is that you can tap the full potential of all of our solution’s benefits. To this end, consulting and strategy from implementation to operation are what form a healthy foundation. Starting from the introductory phase, we share our expertise with you and work together to transform you into competent product managers.



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Here, you may find your dream job: Be it as a student, job starter, or professional. Show us what you have in store and get off to a flying start. Let’s continue eggheads’ success story together.

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