Coronavirus E-Commerce Checklist: Mastering Challenges

Checklists Illustration

Checklists Illustration


The coronavirus outbreak keeps the whole world in check and comes with a great many challenges yet to be tackled. Learn from this comprehensive checklist how you, as an e-commerce retailer, can act in times of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and where your chances are at their best.

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Given the circumstances dictated by the coronavirus, it’s fact that more and more people will do their purchases online throughout the next days and weeks.

Please do not forget that it is at this very moment that new customers are discovering your online shop for themselves and may directly be converted into fans. This is why your Customer Journey should be planned out thoroughly. In order to not disappoint your customers and establish transparency, some points on our checklist are of particular importance. By running through the checklist and proving some adaptability to today’s situation, you can position yourself strategically to stay successful during and even after the corona crisis.

Together, we master all challenges. It may largely depend on the industry sector — yet, to many, this situation presents many new opportunities. Don’t lose your head and tackle the situation head-on.
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