Digitalization in Switzerland

Technology Leader for PIM Opens New Branch in Zurich
Bochum, 15th July 2019: With the shift towards globalization and digitalization, companies reach out to an ever-increasing number of sales channels to market their products. Customers want more and more transparent product information in even less time, available to all touchpoints from anywhere in the world. Concerning companies, the demand rises for state-of-the-art systems allowing them to manage products centrally and, where possible, automatically for all channels in all languages.

Product Content – The Alpha and Omega for Successful Sales
Before anything else, the primary factor for the successful sales of products is high-quality and up-to-date product content. Only the right content allows you to sell your products successfully in online shops, marketplaces, catalogs, and price comparison portals. To avoid redundancy and to guarantee that you always have the latest version of all content, you will have to pool and manage all your product and media data within a central system. This is where PIM software comes into play.

Perfect Product Content with eggheads Suite
eggheads is an innovative technology leader in the field of Product Information Management (PIM). With its eggheads Suite, the company has been continuously providing a functionally-extensive platform for managing and publishing all product and media data. The integration of eggheads Suite enables you to centrally pool and enrich all data from diverse sources. Combined with its direct connection to the relevant sales channels, this guarantees for optimal time-to-market alongside an enhancement of data quality — and, consequently, customer retention.

Quality Made in Germany – Now Live in Switzerland
For many years, customers from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) have been putting their trust into the software solutions of eggheads GmbH headquartered in Bochum. Since its beginnings, the software development has been centered around highest quality and 100% standard software design. However, not only the software development comes with high quality requirements: In particular, the name ‘eggheads’ stands for extraordinarily high quality when it comes to business counseling and customer support prior, during, and after successful project completion.
In the last few years, the company has continuously grown, establishing not only branches in Germany — Bochum and Münster — but also a wide partner network. This enables eggheads to be present in all regions of the DACH countries at all times. With growing success comes the growth of the company and, as a logical consequence, the next branch has now been opened in Switzerland. For many years, eggheads has managed projects which are implemented in Switzerland but directed from Bochum with great success. Now, eggheads meets the growing demand for an even stronger presence live at the customer’s location with its new branch in Opfikon (Glattpark) in Zurich.

Competent Business Counseling by Swiss PIM Partner
The year-long partnership with Cube Marketing GmbH from Wermatswil reaches the next level: The professional team consisting of marketing and PIM experts alike under the leadership of CEO Jérôme Moine, who has many years’ worth of business counseling and project management experience in the field of PIM, supports eggheads as a Swiss partner. As part of this battle-proven partnership, the high quality standards have so far been continuously met, providing new customers headquartered in Switzerland with top counseling from day one onward. Counting a number of 80 eggheads in total by now, the in-house team will also continue to provide professional support to the realization of the customers’ digitalization strategies.

Consistent Quality with Time-Tested Academy Concept
For the next years, the further expansion of the Swiss branch as well as the opening of new branches is on the agenda — alongside the continuous growth of the well-established branches in Bochum and Münster. Now as then, the high quality requirements of software development and business counseling remain at the core of the expansion paradigm. This is guaranteed by the software company’s time-tested eggheads Academy: eggheads’ concept for continuous training of employees, partners, and customers alike. In this academy, topics such as master data and media management, import and export configurations, as well as advanced trainings and ‘train-the-trainer’ trainings are covered.

eggheads’ business ethics is to always meet customer and partner at eye level. Taking the position of a coach, eggheads always makes sure that customer and partner remain independent throughout and after the project.

For more information, see: Cube Marketing
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