DER Touristik GmbH

With a turn­over of about seven billion eu­ros and 9,400 em­ployees, DER is one of the lead­ing tourism grou­ps in Ger­many and Europe. As a seg­ment of the Rewe Group, the com­pany is currently the market lea­der in Ger­many in terms of fixed loca­tion travel agencies, with 2,100 poi­nts of sale. In this res­pect, DER Touristik is split into three divisions: DER Touristik Köln GmbH, also known as REWE Tou­ristik Gesell­schaft mbH, which is specia­lised in classical holi­day tours, DER Tour­istik Frank­furt GmbH & CO. KG (DERTOUR GmbH & Co. KG), an organ­iser of indi­vidual­ised and long-haul travel, and the tra­vel agency com­pany DER Deut­sches Reise­büro GmbH & CO. KG. All told, around 7.7 million cus­to­mers from 14 coun­tries in Euro­pa travel with DER Touristik to 179 inter­natio­nal desti­nation coun­tries.

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