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Even af­ter 20 success­ful years, egg­heads still poss­es­ses so­me of the qua­li­ties of a start-up. It is not the own­ers on­ly who lead the com­pany but the ma­nage­ment team, in which the owners have their place. The in­di­vi­dual de­part­ments are led by team lead­ers who have re­gu­lar cont­act with our cus­tomers. Di­rect ap­proach, quick de­cisions, and a relaxed, friendly atmos­phere are in the cen­ter of our policy.

At the mo­ment, we have a 20% in­crease of hu­man re­sour­ces every year. We want to de­ve­lop new ideas and ex­pand even further. That is why we are look­ing for people with var­ious qualifi­ca­tions and na­tionali­ties. The more varied the team the more crea­tive the so­lu­tions. If you think you are the per­fect fit for egg­heads, then we give you the chance to pro­ve it!

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