Product Information Management – Collaborating for Customer Success

Product Information Management – Collaborating for Customer Success

Press Release: SHOPMACHER: eggheads’ New Implementation Partner

Bochum / Gescher, 12th June 2019. SHOPMACHER, the go-to expert for enhancing e-commerce platforms, is now an official implementation partner of eggheads. The German company has been developing intelligent solutions for successful Omnichannel Commerce for more than 20 years. Having turned into eggsperts thanks to eggheads’ software training, SHOPMACHER’s qualified project managers will implement PIM software solutions in customer projects from now onwards.

Focusing on Customer Success Together as Partners
The main motivation for the working partnership is the optimization of customer success. Both partners share the principle that all success is grounded upon the maximization of the customer’s own success. To this end, the smooth interplay of all components of a commerce platform is indispensable. And one crucial condition for this in today’s business is a good Product Information Management system (PIM). There’s an obvious reason for this: Without a solid foundation, even the most flawless accumulation of data for professional presentation of a company’s products in a shop system is doomed to fail.

“Even with our design for optimized User Experience on platforms, our customers will only get to enjoy maximum success if the design, preparation, management, and presentation of their products is also optimized,” says André Roitzsch, CEO of SHOPMACHER. “With eggheads, we have found a PIM partner awarded with the TOP innovator price for leading technological PIM solutions.”

“It is of great importance to us that our thoroughly process-oriented PIM system is, at all times, firmly embedded within a homogenous and high-selling commerce landscape in order to contribute to our customers’ success,” adds Wolfgang Wichert, CEO of eggheads. “Accordingly, commerce expert SHOPMACHER is the ideal partner for us. In addition to this, the option to implement solutions with the help of a partner does also significantly minimize the implementation process on the side of our mutual customers.”
Synergy for Customer Acquisition Process
Alongside the benefits for customers from industry and retail, both partner companies anticipate strong synergy for acquiring new customers. In this manner, both partners will mutually complement each other’s good reputation and market position.

SHOPMACHERis the specialist for enterprise e-commerce platforms. Within the last 10 years, the company headquartered in Gescher has grown to become one of Germany’s TOP 15 e-commerce companies. Currently, 70 employees in Gescher and Ho Chi Minh City realize intelligent enterprise e-commerce solutions for SMEs and international retailers. SHOPMACHER’s business ethics is to provide online retailers with continuous, progressive, and empirically-verifiable improvements for existing platforms, enabling them to meet the ever-growing requirements with state-of-the-art solutions.
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