We are the heads that find solutions to difficult problems. Modern Product Information Management and successful Multichannel Commerce are tricky tasks. According to our customer list, our employees have successfully managed both.

Everything started 25 years ago with CEO Wolfgang Wichert, who thought about transfering the automatization processes known from factories and logistics to the marketing and sales sectors. Soon his vision became a necessity. If you offer a customer journey and you want to meet your customers at the point of sale, then you need a Product Information Management system.

Our software eggheads Suite enables you to serve all necessary channels of global multichannel commerce in multiple languages and according to your corporate design. The software can be used in all industries due to its cross-sector applicability. Currently, more than 80 renowned companies are using eggheads Suite; from the automobile and food industries to furniture and tourism.

Our software can be adapted to the needs of every company without us having to re-develop it every time. The main components are so flexible that they can accommodate every process. eggheads Suite enables you to customize it according to your needs through the settings of the UI. Our projects usually take 3 to 12 months to complete and the ROI is achieved within the first year.

Supporting our customers is as important to us as our software. The collaboration starts long before the actual implementation with strategic consulting on internal process optimization and is continued after the introduction of eggheads Suite with service and support.

Collaboration is our number one priority and teamwork is our strong point. This is why we strive to exchange ideas with our customers and partners in order to improve eggheads Suite further. We bring our customers together at events like eggheads Day, where we receive feedback and suggestions on the implementation of our software.


More than 85 employees are constantly working on improving our PIM system and on developing more functionalities and modules. With a lot of expertise and clear goals:

We want to make eggheads Suite better, increase the benefit for our customers and consolidate ourselves as technology leaders.

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