Comprehensive Business Consulting from the Outset

Together, We Create the Best Framework for Your Product and Marketing Content

As an expert for solutions in Product Information Management, we help you achieve the perfect result for the marketing of your products. No matter what challenge it is that you are facing, we identify them and master them for you — because an innovative PIM/MDM comes with improved sales.


With Us, Your Data is in Competent Hands

No company resembles the other, and the same goes for the requirements of todays’ PIM/MDM solutions. Herein lies our area of expertise, guided by this one principle: We listen to you from the very beginning. With your specialist knowledge about your products and our experience, we can design the perfect solution enabling you to realize your corporate objectives, while also saving time and money.
Together:Throughout the entirety of the project, we accompany you on each step from start to finish. At all times, you profit from our expertise.

Needs-based:A detailed analysis of the current state and actual conditions form the foundation of our business consulting. This way, we can design a tailor-made concept for required measures.

Constructive: We leave nothing to chance. In order to allow you to efficiently work with our system even after project completion, we build up your user competencies in a systematic manner parallel to us consulting you.

We Help You Step-By-Step

As part of our consulting services, we analyze the situation of your company and start at the point where we identify your optimization potential. Of course, each step involved will be taken together with you to achieve the best possible result at the end of the process.
1. Project Implementation
In order to establish the best possible working environment with our eggheads Suite for your requirements, we first work on a concept for your product data processes. As early as in this stage, we proactively include your employees and train them in tandem. Our project management accompanies you throughout the entire project duration, from process analysis to implementation and integration.
2. Strategic Consulting
We provide you with long-term support for optimizing your data and processes. Even after the successful completion of your PIM project, we are available to you at all times to advise you about ever-changing trends and challenges.
3. Academy
For key users, layout designers, and IT specialists alike, we over a range of software training modules. Our training personnel consist of experts with first-hand experience who will teach you all you have to know. The academy can either be hosted live at eggheads or at another place of your choice as necessary.
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