Optimization, Competence Acquisition, Sustainability

Beratung / Strategische Beratung
With the decision to automate your Pro­duct Infor­mation Manage­ment, the focus shifts to your company’s work­flows and data quality. As part of our consul­ting, we help you not only with the analysis of your processes and data – but also with their optimization. In the context of this, we also offer var­ious strategy work­shops. eggheads guarantees a smooth distribution of your pro­duct infor­mation to the markets and the various consu­mer touch­points..

Our aim is to build up the required compe­tences and help you with the imple­mentation of the planned measures. Based on your product require­ments and a made-to-measure concept, we dis­cuss which tasks you can and/or want to carry out inhouse and which are to be out­sourced. You decide how much you want to be involved – this way, you also main­tain control over project costs.

Even after the successful completion of your PIM project, eggheads is available around the clock to support you in all your questions concerning Product Infor­mation Manage­ment. After all, the markets and communi­cation channels are growing ever so fast and the individua­lization of product content with regards to the specific channels and users is becoming more and more essential. Identifying related trends in time and making adequate ad­justments to your PIM system are what constitute the key fac­tors for your suc­cess in multi-channel commerce.
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