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Germany, Bochum 10/17/2018: For more than 20 years, eggheads GmbH has been — and continues to be — one of the leading developers in the field of Product Information Management (PIM). Just earlier in the year, eggheads and its own PIM system were awarded with the TOP 100 price for innovative companies. To promote egghead’s new growth paradigm, the family enterprise Knauf, global player in various fields of manufacturing, has officially become a shareholder of the company.

The company is still managed by its two CEOs Christiane Weidenbach and Wolfgang Wichert: “We are happy to have such an experienced and internationally active partner on our side, successfully guiding us eggheads towards the future.”

eggheads has seized the Kairos moment and accepted the offer to further the company’s growth with targeted investments for marketing, international sales activities, as well as for its now 70 employees.
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