eggheads Suite

eggheads Suite – your One Stop Shop

egg­heads Suite sup­ports all your pro­cess­es re­lat­ed to PIM. With one in­di­vid­ual piece of soft­ware, you can o­rgan­ize your en­tire mul­ti­chan­nel com­merce for a con­sis­tent mar­ket pres­ence. At the same time, you do not only in­crease your per­for­mance, but you also re­duce the time re­quired for da­ta man­age­ment, pub­li­ca­tion planning, print pro­duc­tion and oth­er pro­cess­es. Even your sup­pliers can be connected to your PIM sys­tem.

Due to its wide ap­pli­ca­bil­ity, egg­heads Suite is suit­able for com­pa­nies from all sec­tors. The mod­u­lar con­cept – se­ven au­ton­o­mous soft­ware pack­ages with ba­sic and ad­di­tion­al functional­ities – en­ables you to ad­just your egg­heads so­lu­tion to your com­pa­ny and bud­get and ex­tend it ac­cord­ing to your needs.

The modules of the eggheads Suite support your Omni Channel Business

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