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Using eggheads Suite, Your Product Data is Optimally Prepared for Omni-Channel Publishing

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With our eggheads Suite, You Present Your Products at their Best
All-in-One Product Data Software

With one and the same software, you can organize all processes revolving around product and media data from the creation to their distribution in a time-efficient manner without any inconvenient inconsistencies between the various media channels.
Flexible Adaptability

With predefined and configurable inbound/outbound interfaces, you can integrate and scale eggheads Suite into any IT infrastructure as needs require.

Excellent data quality

Even in highly complex data models, the quality of your data will always meet the highest benchmarks.
Simple Implementation

By implementing our standard software solution in time and budget, you are already cutting time and costs.

Automated Processes

Besides enhancing your data quality for all sales channels, automated data processing and fully-automated print page generation allows you to reduce costs.
Sector-Specific Use Cases

The highly-configurable data and process model can be designed to suit your sector, be it for retailers, manufacturers, service providers or other industries.

More Success in Omni-Channel Business Using eggheads Suite

Our Industry-Independent PIM and MDM Solution Provides You with the Perfect Content Journey from Data Acquisition to Exports.

Data Acquisition

Free your own resources and include your partners when working on your content. Data can be provided directly from the source by your suppliers via pre-configured input masks or imported via data mapping without any interface programming whatsoever. This cuts time and costs. In combination with Quality Gates, only that data is imported into the system which meets your quality threshold.


Data Organization

In the generic data model, you can manage all information on products and articles in a user-friendly manner — independent of their designated sales channels. By applying classifications, your product data stays consistent, while data exchange with partners and customers requires no extra adjustments.

Translation Management

Reduce the translation process via automation and identifying already translated text segments. With the preview-based translation editor, you can write texts in the highest possible quality.

Data Quality Management

Implement your data governance strategy into our PIM/MDM system and boost the quality of your product data step-by-step. Freely configurable Quality Gates make sure that all incorrect or incomplete data is improved in time.

Media Management

Bring structure into your digital media data and identify doublets automatically as you import them. You have full overview of where and how you use your media — on top of that, you can also connect external DAM systems. With the highly-performant Portal and its shopping cart function, you can even provide third parties access to your media assets.

Data Distribution

Publish your data in any sales channel and exchange it with partners and customers. Predefined exports, functional APIs, and our export configurator help you to connect all channels in a fast and secure manner. Using the performant export functionality of Portal, you can also provide your product data to users who are wholly unfamiliar with PIM, such as your helpdesk or customers.

Print & Publishing

Speed up the creation of your print products and generate pages automatically. With the help of mappings and content rules, you generate live previews out of your data directly within the graphical interface. For the editing process, you have direct connection to conventional DTP software such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress.

Workflow Management

Control your department-overarching editing process for your products with egghead Suite. Workflow functions, granular user rights, and the task manager guarantee for a flawless procedure.

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