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Accurately achieve objectives: intelligent Customer Relationship Management
Nowadays, companies are to operate even more intelligently in the fields of marketing, customer acquisition and customer support than they used to. To meet today’s requirements, the intelligent CRM system eggheadsDIALOG was developed for your company. For its development, eggheads actively drew from state-of-the-art technologies and its more than 15 years of professional CRM experience in the industries.

Market research

eggheadsDIALOG handles all communication and lead management processes as you know them from leading CRM systems. Additionally, eggheadsDIALOG features unique solutions for precise product marketing and target-centered brand growth. The foundation for this is the “market research” module of the eggheadsDIALOG system. With the help of automated surveys, you gain information about the wishes and affinities of your costumers within a short span of time. The information stored for each contact is automatically enriched with the “typology feature”, representing the costumer’s responses and feedback. Furthermore, all of your products are automatically maintained in eggheadsDIALOG and modified with specific product features.
The benefits you gain by utilizing the CRM – eggheadsDIALOG:
  • Precise product marketing

  • Automated enrichment for the typology features of each contact

  • Automated, target-centered campaign management

  • Raising your conversion rate

  • Improvement in sales and optimization of the capacity utilization rate

  • Connection to third-party systems, e.g. telephone systems

  • Doublet management

  • User-friendly and ergonomic interface

Sales potential

Which potential or existing costumer is most interested in which product? Where are the largest sales opportunities? These and more aspects are controlled by the “sales potential” module and constantly adjusted by the intelligent system. On the basis of these results, you can then launch your automated campaign management, notifying all calculated target groups via all possible communication channels: from e-mail marketing to outbound calls.

As a result, you have a significantly higher success rate coupled with reduced marketing costs. Consequently, you continuously increase the sales and capacity utilization rates of your products. Furthermore, you recognize new trends and target group transitions faster than your competition does on the basis of the provided customer feedback.

Connections to third-party systems
With its state-of-the-art connector technology, eggheadsDIALOG can be bi-directionally connected with your already implemented systems. For example, by connecting it to your telephone system, incoming calls are identified immediately and the respective caller is displayed in a mask in a 360-degree view.

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