Data Acquisition

Gather Product Content Straight from the Source
The sheer amount of data sources available — supplying content in a number of varying data formats and quality levels — renders the acquisition of product data nigh impossible in the times of Long Tail. eggheads Suite provides you with a range of functions to optimize your data acquisition process. This process is also commonly referred to as Onboarding.

Your benefits:

Include external suppliers

Faster time-to-market

Perfect data integration

Data quality management


Supplier Portal

eggheads Suite supports you in transferring data in a great variety of data formats from your various suppliers into your system. Here, all roads lead to Rome: Process product feeds, import data from all conventional data formats, or acquire data using input masks. It is best practice to directly include your suppliers into the content acquisition process. Using eggheads Suite’s Supplier Portal, you enable your suppliers to log in and provide relevant product data all on their own. This way, you alleviate part of the burden of data acquisition and the data itself is always up to date.

Optimized Time-To-Market

Already during the development of new products, you can pool all relevant data on the basis of product management and product development — in order to provide it to your marketing division well ahead of time. eggheads Suite accompanies you throughout this entire process, helping you to model the life cycle of your products in the form of a dynamic workflow. As a result of this, your products are immediately ready-for-sale and can already be presented in relevant sales channels.

Import Configurator

The option to import any data format eliminates all manual data acquisition which is so resource-heavy and error-prone. Decide for yourself which data records are to be updated automatically so that your product information is always and everywhere up to date. Use mappings to assign imported data of formats such as XML, JSON, CSV, or Excel to its correct spot in your product structure. Consequently, you secure high data quality starting from the Onboarding process.


An extensive range of well-documented REST services allows for smooth integration of eggheads Suite into your IT infrastructure. Third-party systems may use said services to get or post data. And this is not a mere one-way street, since eggheads Suite can also communicate with third-party systems automatically using standardized interfaces as part of predefined workflows. Accordingly, many processes can be automated. You save time and assure that your data remains consistent across all systems.

Import Quality Gates

Regardless of which way your data is imported into your system, it is to be classified and validated before anything else. Only in this way can you make sure that it meets your minimum quality threshold. And only then can you merge the product data with the master data already managed within the system automatically on the basis of a set of predefined rules. If you receive product data for the same product from multiple sources, eggheads Suite helps you identifying doublets and create so-called golden records (i.e. unique data records). The result: Consistent, high-quality product data — created with minimum effort.
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