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On all channels: Send strong sales signals in multi-channel commerce
The “Data Distribution” module of the eggheads Suite creates the prerequisites for consistent multi-channel commerce. You use the module to prepare information in very varied sales channels, and in all types of languages. In this way, you provide your customers with a convincing customer journey.

You can import your data and data structures into the PIM module in different ways. Not all features, structure nodes, etc., have to be recorded manually. This also simplifies the data import from external systems, e.g. from suppliers or purchasing groups.

The Import and Export Configurer is one of the strengths of the eggheads Suite. Through configuration, contents can be imported into and exported from various data formats, as desired. Expensive and laborious interface programming is therefore unnecessary. You can also carry out the configurations yourself. This makes you independent. Independent from us, and from implementation partners.
The benefits for you with the Data Distribution module from the eggheads Suite:
  • Effortless multi-channel commerce

  • Consistent brand presence

  • Convincing customer journey

  • Currency of data and information

  • Support for multiple languages

  • Standard imports and exports

  • Import and Export Configurer

  • Web services

Standard imports and exports

All product and media data is centrally available in the PIM, and can be fed to the various channels as desired. Whether via online shop, product catalogue, website, social media, app, etc., in the B2B or B2C zone – appropriate and current information is distributed and made available in as many channels, languages, and formats as you wish. The general concept of incoming and outgoing data transfer relies on standardised formats such as ODS. In addition, the eggheads Suite provides the option of accessing the product data, both incoming and outgoing, via web service (SOAP/REST). The aim is that it is unnecessary to make any software changes for the implementation of the customer and channel specific data exchange, but instead to be able to implement the data transfer completely by means of the “toolbox” of the eggheads Suite.

Import Configurer

In the eggheads PIM, import configuration represents the main tool for onboarding data. Here, all incoming data delivered as e.g. XML or CSV can be transmitted by rule-based mapping to the corresponding structures of Master Data Management. Thus when importing data, plausibility and data quality can be tested immediately. Homogenisation of the data can also be carried out. The aim is to ensure high data quality during the onboarding process itself. The Import Configurer can perform the import of all data stocks, or else just take into account the modification of data.

Export Configurer

The flexibility of the Export Configurer makes it possible to provide the master and media data for consumers, channels, or other purposes. By means of a simple interface, the Export Configurer provides the possibility to freely define target formats and to export them, e.g. as XML structures. By means of a large set of internal functions of the eggheads Suite, the configurations can access the data directly, and define appropriate mappings for the data. Data can also be collected and converted. Media assets such as images can also be taken into account and included with exports. Export configuration jobs are used to define how these data exports are to be delivered to their destination, e.g. by FTP or web service, and how the corresponding files are to be named. The complete integration and consistency of the eggheads Suite ensures that our customers have an overview of the contents and the recipients of the data. This records the status of the exported contents, and it can be demonstrated at any time which data was exported to which destination.
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