Data Distribution

All Touchpoints Always Up-To-Date
Omni-channel is a core concept for sales and marketing, and has been for quite some time by now. The condition of possibility for there to be a good omni-channel strategy in the first place, however, is consistent product data across all touchpoints. And the smoother your export and distribution of product data, the shorter your time-to-market. Consistent product data is, consequently, your way of securing the competitive edge. With eggheads Suite, you can integrate any touchpoint in a simple manner and supply it with product information. Be it using configurations or interfaces, there are plenty of distribution technologies available to you — no programming skills required.

Your benefits:

Configurable exports

Highly performant (delta) exports

Access to products for third-parties such as retailers

Documentation of which data is distributed where


Export Configurator

Almost too good to be true: The connection to any touchpoint requires no modifications of the software whatsoever! The transfer process is defined using nothing but eggheads Suite’s built-in ‘toolkit.’ You can configure export formats, targets, and the triggers when data is to be exported on your own. Your product data is then presented in your online shop, product catalog, your app… without the need of any interface programming. You cut time and costs — and even updates for any of the software components involved no longer come with any unpleasant surprises.

Export Quality Gates

Just like for the import of data, exports also feature “Quality Gates.” These freely definable regulators control the data quality threshold which a data record is to meet in order for it to be eligible for export. You may even individualize this for individual sales channels. Ultimately, your customers are presented only with correct and complete product information.

Product Portal

For users wholly unfamiliar with PIM/MDM, this function provides ways of searching for products without direct access to the system. As part of the process, you decide which internal and external parties have access to which assortments. Your support or call center, for example, may be granted access to all relevant products to inform inquiring customers in an even more competent manner. With eggheads Suite’s Product Portal, you have an intuitive, easy-to-use, and responsive web application at your disposal, accessible by all end devices. Extensive search and filter functions allow users to quickly find required products, view their details, bookmark them, and download product lists.
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