Data Editing

Create a Perfect Product Experience
The enrichment of products with technical data, descriptive texts, or media is state-of-the-art as far as today’s product communication is concerned — and, as such, it is part of eggheads Suite’s core competences. Given the ever-growing number of sales channels and touchpoints, you are to get your customers hooked with high-quality Product Experience. To this end, all product information in all channels is to be consistent, uniform, and optimized for the demands of your target group personas.

Your benefits:

Comprehensive product comparison

Efficient multi-editing of data

Accessible product change history

Higher conversion rates


Product Data Editor

A user-friendly and comprehensive input mask for creating and editing product data is the alpha and omega of any PIM/MDM system. Depending on the individual user’s field of responsibility, she is provided with access to all relevant functions and information required to fulfill her scope of tasks. Text editors support you when editing product attributes, while also providing a good view of the data quality — allowing you to see how changes affect data quality as you go along.

Product Comparison

Comparing products is made quick and easy with Multi-Editor. You can not only compare related products, but also product attributes, articles and variants across all categories and hierarchies. This provides you with a quick overview over which information of which product is stored on which product hierarchy level.

Multi-Editing of Data

With the product comparison as your starting point, you may also edit multiple products at the same time. You can also easily transfer changes over to any other product. As part of the process, you may quickly assemble relevant products using the search function, modify product attributes with a click or two, change the products’ status, or start an export.

Change History

As a preventative measure for legal issues and to create transparency in your company, you require a comprehensive change history for individual products and attributes — without overloading the entire database with out-of-date product information. eggheads Suite features a version management for all products and attributes for which you want to track changes. You can then simply compare versions of, say, marketing texts with one another.

Full-Text Search

With eggheads Suite, you do not simply ‘search’ for products. You ‘find’ them. The full-text search helps you to easily find products with any content. Using context-sensitive search filters, you can then narrow down the displayed search results further. For example, you may search for products with low data quality to easily locate if and where there is demand for the optimization of product content. You can then jump directly to the product to edit it or create a task which you may delegate to your co-workers. And you can even configure more complex, criterion-based searches factoring in multiple product attributes and values.

Context-Driven Content

Often times, one and the same product is sold to different customer groups for different use cases. A universal product description which suits all situations constitutes the bare minimum. To actually inform your customers, however, this is usually insufficient. Only a product description individualized for the customer’s specific use case can provide her with all information necessary to motivate a purchasing decision. eggheads Suite follows the PXM method and supports you in adjusting your texts to reflect the individual context (e.g. use cases, target groups, and purchasing phases). As part of this, only those segments of the content are changed which are required for a context-driven individualization. All other product information is inherited so that the editing expenses remain affordable. The reward: A perfect Product Experience with little to no effort.

Channel-Specific Text Adjustments

Are you dealing with these problems, too? Depending on the touchpoint, you have varying space available for product descriptions. Which is why you are to repeatedly write new texts for the same product in different channels. eggheads Suite offers a simple solution to this: You can divide description texts into individual text segments and assign priority values to them. Depending on how much space is granted by the respective channel, text is automatically rendered longer (details page on an online shop) or shorter (product catalog or overview page in an online shop). Resource-heavy text editing is hereby automated, allowing you to cut time and costs.
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