Data Organization

Store Your Data in a Central, Flexible, and Consistent Fashion
Contents saved in different storage locations render the distribution of high-quality product information difficult since the data which is of actual relevance may easily get lost in all the chaos. With the use of eggheads Suite, you can manage all of your product data in and through a single, central spot in a media-neutral and consistent manner — ready-to-hand in the right data format as needs require. Be it data provided online or offline, or in specific languages: it’s all right here.

Your benefits:

Central management

Flexible data modelling

Simple classifications

360° view of all your data


Flexible and Scalable Data Modelling

With eggheads Suite, Product Data Management will feel like a tailor-made suit matching your industry sector and company. At the same time, it preserves all advantages of a standard software. Be it for designing small data models for a low number of products, or multi-dimensional data models with a million products and master data with thousands of product attributes. This makes eggheads Suite your best choice for managing product data as well as other master data, since it can handle even the most complex of data management use cases.

Inheriting instead of Duplicating

If multiple products share, for example, the same description text, this text should only be managed at a single location. The effort would be too big for editing one and the same text multiple times because of required changes, the risk far too high that you forget about one crucial spot and end up presenting false data to your customers. This is why a sophisticated logic for inheriting content is one of eggheads Suite’s core concepts. You may inherit product attributes, modify them automatically, or add exceptions to the inheritance chain. Regardless of your choices, the graphical user interface always provides you with an overview of which content is inherited where.

Classifications for Industry Standards

Managing product data in accordance with industry standards is indispensable for the communication of the various systems across multiple companies. With eggheads Suite, you can classify and validate product data for standards such as eCl@ss, TIM, UNSPSC, and Global Types or even your very own classifications system. This way, your product data remains consistent and the data exchange with partners and customers is made much simpler.


eggheads Suite far transcends pure Product Data Management: You may also integrate objects such as customers, tasks, divisions or branches, and other data — putting them into relation with your products and articles. These relations can then be further enriched with more information such as target group oriented texts. All this qualifies eggheads Suite as a multi-domain Master Data Management system, providing you with a 360° view of your products.
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