eCommerce using the eggheads Suite

Product data rapidly available at the point of sale, and in the correct context.
Using the eggheads Suite, you can supply product data to any desired number of web shops simply, and above all, consistently. Complete product ranges, but also individual products and even just individualised, updated product information can be transferred to the shop, automatically or controlled through workflows. Administer cross-sellers, accessory items, and product proposals conveniently using the eggheads Suite, and distribute them to the web shop.

The structure of the shop is also administered by means of the eggheads Suite, and is transferred to the web shop. Range enhancements can thus be managed using the eggheads Suite, without laborious programming in the shop system.

Make yourself independent of your web shop. Customer situations prove that nothing is set in stone. The frequently changing requirements of e-commerce demonstrate that shop systems must be replaced from time to time. What was state of the art yesterday no longer fulfils today’s requirements. Using the eggheads Suite you can replace the web front end of the shop, and can flexibly connect every shop back-end to the product data.
The benefits for you with eCommerce from the eggheads Suite:
  • Use the PIM to administer and maintain structures and product data for the shop

  • Use the MAM to administer and maintain assets for the shop

  • Use the PIM to organise accessories and ranges for the shops

  • Flexibly, automatically, and multi-lingually channel data for multiple shops

Use the eggheads Suite to keep your product data fit for your e-commerce activities. Your product data is not delivered solely to your own web shop. It is simple to directly connect to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Mercateo, and comparison portals. Obviously, normal websites can also be supplied with product data delivered from content management systems (CMS).

Both in B2C and increasingly so in B2B trading, a personalised customer approach, with product information tailored to the customer, is ever more important. The interplay of CRM, ERP, and the eggheads Suite makes exactly this targeted customer approach possible. The eggheads Suite works together with current CRM systems, and can make available personalised product data for web shops, newsletters, and also for mobile sales applications. Using the eggheads Suite, you provide your customers with the customer experience which they expect, and to which they may already be accustomed from B2C trading.
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