Media Asset Management

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Always in the picture: Media data available for use in all channels
The fully integrated “Media Management” of the eggheads Suite provides multiple options for presenting and managing information about media formats, media object properties, and of course about the media objects themselves in a user-friendly way. And, naturally, dependent on language and country. Media objects may be all image formats, text building blocks, DTP or PDF documents, audio and video files, CAD files, etc. Once they exist, you can then use media in the most varied channels and publications. Granular permissions management is available as a matter of course. Thanks to the fully integrated Media Management, you have at all times an overview of the use of your media. Not just the assignment of images to products is transparent. You also know, for example, which image is used in which publication. Of course, external media management systems can also be connected.

Check for duplicates
The check for duplicates takes place automatically during the import of images. It is intended to prevent images being saved in the database redundantly. All images which are the same can be recognised even if they have different filenames, and the system can sort them out as duplicates. This ensures that each image is saved only once in the database. The duplicate check of the eggheads Suite optimises the data stock, and ensures data quality and currency.
The benefits for you with Media Management from the eggheads Suite:
  • Management of very varied media formats

  • Keywording optimised for search machines

  • Simple search and filter functions

  • Copyright function

  • Compliance with permissions

  • Where-used display

  • Avoids retention of redundant data

  • Phototable functionality

Media Portal

The Media Portal of the eggheads Suite is characterised by the integration of different processes and services. It makes functions such as searching, filtering, and uploading of media available to the user. Above all, intuitive and simple use for external or non-specialist users is placed in the foreground. The Media Portal includes the Media Search and Media Upload, which can both be accessed via a web browser. The Media Search is used to find all media objects of different types in your eggheads Suite, as well as for the exchange of media data with external users. The Media Upload module provides functions with which in particular external users without access to Media Management are able to upload media very simply in a rule-based way.

Media Search
Using Media Search, you can search through your media collection in the eggheads Suite by means of a high-performance full text search, and you can restrict search results by means of individual filters. The various criteria include product features from the master data or image features, such as keywording. In addition, the search is made simpler by a preview function, and by the option to create a list of favourites. The file location of the media can also be sent as an external link. Media can also be downloaded directly.

Media Upload
Would you like to be able to give non-specialist users the option of uploading media in a simple way, and of adding media data? Media Upload is the perfect tool for this: Users are able to upload media (images, videos, etc.) without direct access to Media Management. At the press of a button, these media including their individual features are then transferred into the media pool. Media Upload provides the users with a simple, easily understandable interface for uploading media including their metadata, such as keywords or other details. The users can simply drag their media using Drag&Drop to an area of their browsers, and add the metadata to these media, with very little effort. During upload, the media are tested for minimum quality. If this does not exist, then the user is informed directly. In addition, the users see which details still need to be entered before they trigger the actual upload.
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