Media Management

Structure your Media
When it comes to digital assets in particular, you can quickly lose the overview of how many versions there are and for what purpose they are used respectively. Against this, our Digital Asset Management (DAM) provides you with a user-friendly way of organizing your media centrally.

Your benefits:

Structured and central media storage

Controlled access for external parties

Automatic documentation of what media is referenced where

Recognition of duplicate data records


Media Format & Conversion

In eggheads Suite, you can manage all conventional media formats from image, audio, and video files to PDF documents, text modules, and CAD data. The system handles the conversion into defined formats as required together with the distribution to all of your touchpoints.

Media Organization & Administration

It goes without saying that all media can be easily found using either the full-text search or the extended search. Independent of this, you can still define your own folder structure to organize media so that you can maintain a clear overview. Related metadata can also be defined, ranging from image captions, keywords, or usage rights of a respective asset. Subsequently, easy-to-use editors make for an efficient editing process even for multiple assets at once.

Doublet Check

In order to optimize your data stock, the import of media comes with a built-in doublet check. Even if they have different names, already imported images, videos, and other media is identified and sorted out. This guarantees for a multimedia database without data redundancy and makes your image editing process much simpler.

Media Upload

In a clear-cut web interface, you upload media objects via drag-and-drop and use the input mask to add metadata such as keywords and description texts. This also constitutes an alternative for users without access to the system, allowing you to integrate them into the pooling process for product images. Simple example use cases for this include hotel testers for travel companies or influencers in the consumer industry. Before uploading relevant media, rules validate whether they fulfill the defined quality threshold to guarantee for high data quality.

Media Portal

For the access to selected media by external users such as agencies or partners, eggheads Suite features a web portal with extensive search functionalities. In this manner, you shorten the exchange process for media between you and your service providers without the need to install additional software. By combining the full-text search with search filters, relevant media is quickly found. They can then be added to favorite lists, shared as external links, or downloaded directly.
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