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Speed Up Planning and Realization
The days are numbered in which you are still building your catalog pages manually in a time-consuming manner. Using eggheads Suite, you can design highly dynamic templates, do print planning of upcoming publications, and generate them automatically. Already published DTP pages can simply be integrated, while the table of contents and other indexes can also be created automatically. The end result is a set of PDF documents or DTP files ready for print right after the finishing process in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. Product data used in these pages remain directly linked to their source in the system. Relevant content such as prices can be updated in your DTP program at any time.

Your benefits:

Automated templates

Inclusion of agencies

Keeping on track with deadlines

Dynamic publications


Publication Planning

With the interactive publication planning, even users without a background in technical design can edit page arrangement and content via drag-and-drop. The common media disruption between planning and realization is bridged smoothly with automatic page generation. As necessary, you may export pages for subsequent editing and finishing to conventional DTP programs (e.g. Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress) or hand it over to your agency of choice. Regardless of which scenario you opt for, you can speed up your processes revolving around planning and generation of your print objects. Accordingly, you can cut the tedious and resource-heavy use of third-party software.


You may be well-familiar with this scenario: You are right before the print release of a catalog, yet last-minute changes keep popping up. With our plugin for conventional DTP programs, you can update product information (e.g. prices) on already finished print pages at the click of a button, instead of starting from the beginning again. During the finishing process, you may still make text adjustments or decide whether you want to do a backwards synchronization with your product master data in the system. This way, your online publications also profit from all modifications.

Page Generation

The core of publishing is the automatic page generation, filling page after page with content from your master data following your presets. Fear not that all generated print pages look exactly the same and that your creativity for crafting emotional print products is lost in the process. Dynamics such as template variants, automatic text adaptation, adjustments to text and image boxes on pages, or the removal of elements based on space requirements and text overflow are just some examples of how eggheads Suite helps you to automate and individualize your print production at the same time. Here, you do not have to hold back when it comes to creative diversity. The end result is a CI-conform, high-quality, and emotional print product at significantly lower costs.
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