Product processes in eggheads Suite

Prozessmanagment im Bildschirm
Execute product processes consistently and fast
With the ongoing digitization, product-related processes gain increasing significance for companies. With eggheads Suite, all workflows and processes relevant to the product information management of a company can be controlled — from the creation of products to multi-channel sales. The software supports the process control all the way up to the productive collaboration between involved departments. By utilizing status overviews, analyses of process run times and data quality management, all products can be marketed in-time while assuring the highest quality. The strength of the fully-integrated eggheads Suite is that the product design, the prototype design as well as the implementation of the operative processes are mapped within the software itself. Design phase, simulation and implementation can be carried out simultaneously. Processes are controlled even across multiple departments on the basis of the relevant workflows.
Benefits of the eggheads Suite process management:
  • Cross-department and parallel processes

  • Process design, simulation and implementation into the software

  • Integrated task management

  • Fast and easy configuration

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