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Preparing for printing: Automatically generate pages for print publications
Use the “Publishing” module to simplify and accelerate the planning and implementation of your print runs. The pages of print publications such as catalogues no longer need to be built up individually; instead, they can be generated or even updated automatically. You can accept existing DTP pages, or else create your own template via the user-friendly interface and fill it with product information. For this, you have a choice. Assign the product data yourself, or have it added automatically via the page generator of the Publishing module, on the basis of predefined rules. In this way, the template becomes your layout, which you can immediately review in the Page Preview and further edit internally or externally using programs like Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. And external agencies can also easily be included.

Who hasn’t experienced this? The Marketing department or agencies are working under high pressure on the completion of the pages. But at the same time, the final product information is being updated or added by Product Management. Using our online extension for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, it is simple and convenient to update product information in already finished DTP pages, just by means of a mouse-click.
The benefits for you with the Publishing module from the eggheads Suite:
  • Automatic page generation

  • Checking in and out of DTP pages for external service providers

  • Compliance with CI specifications by means of Style Sheets

  • Inclusion of dynamic sets of rules

  • Creation of print-ready PDF files

  • Automatic index generation

  • InDesign and DTP server connection

  • Simple change of language

Publication Planning

Run Planning
Using the interactive Run Planning, employees can modify print runs interactively and without design technology training, and can plan the content of the pages using Drag & Drop. The frequent media disconnect between planning and implementation is bridged completely through subsequent automatic page generation from within the eggheads Publication Planning. If necessary, the pages can finally be exported to a commercially available DTP program (e.g. Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress) for further editing.

Large productions of print publications generally tie up many employees. The planning of individual work steps and the use of the available resources are extremely complex. Time pressure and the desire for cost efficiency make it almost impossible to perform this fine planning manually. Precisely for such applications, scheduling is available as an extension of run planning. Using this module, forward and reverse scheduling can be carried out automatically according to defined capacities and work plans. The result of the production process and of the capacity loading is presented clearly to the planner by means of Gantt or curve charts. If a decision is made in favour of a particular planning variant, then tasks are defined for all employees, and production progress is visualised in realtime as task completions are notified. In this way, it is possible to react appropriately in good time to deviations from the original plan, and to to complete print production punctually.

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