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Clever content acquisition via the eggheads supplier portal
The “Supplier Portal” of the eggheads Suite gives you the option of including your partners and suppliers in the generation of content. The portal comprehensively supports a decentralised, document-based inclusion of master or detailed data for the eggheads Suite, with the PIM module at its centre. By means of the Supplier Portal, content can be collected directly from its place of creation by the suppliers. They maintain structured and multimedial granular data in the system or upload your catalog data and thus relieve your Marketing department of the load. A process, long known in classical business as “onboarding”, is available across industries, thanks to the eggheads Suite. For this, the Supplier Portal can be accessed directly in the browser, within a company or even worldwide. In addition, data can be filled directly by your vendors offline using the Excel tables that were generated in the eggheads PIM. The plausibilities defined in the PIM are also available in the Excel table. Of course, external supplier portals can also be connected to the system. As a result, the eggheads supplier portal has various touchpoints.
The benefits for you with the Supplier Portal from the eggheads Suite:
  • Collect content direct from the source.

  • Generate more content with less effort

  • Save time and money

  • New import and updates

  • Safe authentication

  • Web client for all current browsers

  • Simple data collection via forms

  • Rule-based text generation

Data collection forms
The preparation of the text and image information in the Supplier Portal is performed over the Internet using data collection forms. You can create these forms yourself, without requiring programming skills. Using an editor, the appearance of the data collection forms can be modified and tailored precisely to your individual suppliers. The data entered into the Supplier Portal can then be converted, rule-based, by a text generator into text features for import into the PIM model. This is how simple product classifications automatically become marketing-capable texts for your customers. In addition to text features, you can also collect various image and data types (e.g. eps, jpeg, pdf, png, tif,) and make them available for upload. During import, the product data is tested on the base of validation rules, and then, only after approval, transferred to the PIM module. This is where further processing, refinement, and delivery of the content to the various sales channels take place.
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