Translation Management

Translations — Simple, Efficient & High-Quality
What matters when it comes to translating product content and master data is quality of translation and the overall speed of the translation process. To improve both while also saving costs and resources, eggheads Suite provides you with many solutions adjustable to your requirements.

Your benefits:

Preview-based translating

Flexible translation processes

Lower costs because of reusable translation segments

Integration of Translation Memory Systems


Multi-Lingual Content

Manage product and master data in relevant languages using eggheads Suite in accordance with corresponding ISO norms. You may also create different language-region variations, e.g. distinguish between British English, American English, and Australian English. Even different writing systems ranging from Greek and Russian to Mandarin pose no issues whatsoever. This guarantees the internationalization of your product content with eggheads Suite.

Translation Workflow

Depending on what provides you with the most benefits, you may make use of eggheads Suite’s different functions for your translation process. Besides the connection to TMS software, you can export translation jobs as XLIFF or Excel files, or use interfaces to send them to inhouse translators or translation service providers. You may also do translations directly in eggheads Suite itself with the support of the preview-based web application and translation suggestions. You maintain total control over all deadlines, while ggheads Suite backs you up with the required functionality.

Automatic Pre-Translations

For the translation of your product content, do you repeatedly pay for translations or sightings of already translated text segments? With the combination of eggheads Suite and TMS software such as Across or Trados, this is no longer an issue. Texts are organized in segments so that already translated segments are recognized by the system, pre-translated, and not included in the translation process. This reduces the number of to-be-translated segments drastically, allowing you to cut time and costs.

Preview-Based Translation

Do your inhouse translators or your external translation agencies receive texts or individual sentences for translation without being provided with the context of the product as a whole (e.g. images, attributes, or page layout)? A result of this could be that a sentence may be correctly translated by itself — but may often times not fit its actual context or purpose. This is why our web-based translation editor provides interactive product data sheets, allowing translators to gain a quick overview of the product context. This simplifies the translation processes and enhances the translation quality of the end result.

AI-Based Translation

Are you familiar with online translation services such as DeepL? DeepL is an AI-based translation technology and currently a hot topic among experts because of its extraordinarily good translations. eggheads Suite can integrate such services, allowing for the automation of the translation into various languages. If the translation quality of such services is still insufficient, an automated translation may, at the very least, be an efficient tool for translation suggestions — which can then be refined as part of an editing process. This saves resources and costs.
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