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Create Great Product Data in Collaboration
The management of product and master data as well as assets is, in most cases, the task of more than a single person. Many companies dedicate multiple employees to work day in, day out on improving the Product Experience of their customers. For this very reason, eggheads Suite features extensive options to foster collaborative work so that everybody finds herself in the work environment required — so that no task is carried out twice.

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Granular user rights management

Tasks overview

LDAP connection


Freely-Definable Workflows

The core concept of collaborative work on one and the same object as well as control of the object’s life cycle is eggheads Suite’s workflow functionality. Here, you can freely define workflows for the various types of objects such as products, media assets, or print pages yourself. The workflow status of an object determines which users may carry out which tasks and actions. If the work is done and all conditions fulfilled (e.g. a minimum quality threshold is met), the workflow management system may automatically trigger functions such as exports or API requests to external systems. You automate processes while also keeping track of which function was triggered when.

Comprehensive Tasks Management

To keep an overview of all assignments relevant at a given time, tasks can be created in eggheads Suite for you and your fellow users — be it automatically as part of the workflow or manually. The to-do lists resulting from this provide detailed information when which task is to be done by whom. If a co-worker is absent, her tasks can be delegated to other users or put on the open list for collaborative tasks.

Rights & Roles

Sensible information may only be made accessible to classified users. Specific actions may only be accessible to defined roles. In eggheads Suite, you grant granular rights for your data. Here, you can assign rights to specific data records such as attributes, or languages, or even entire products depending on workflow status and/or assortment. Likewise, roles determine which action is available to which user. This way, you always have full control over everything going on in eggheads Suite.

LDAP Connectivity

You manage all user accounts centrally in a system compatible with LDAP, and you have no resources to create users manually for each system? No problem, since you can utilize many synchronization strategies available to connect any LDAP-compatible system to eggheads Suite, transferring all or only a specified set of accounts over. Login via you windows user account is also an option if your systems are compatible with Kerberos.
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