Innovation Prowess made in Germany – eggheads is among the TOP 100 innovators

Innovation Prowess made in Germany – eggheads is among the TOP 100 innovators

Germany, Bochum – June 29th 2018: As part of the 25th anniversary of the TOP 100 inno­vation com-petition, eggheads was awar­ded as one of the lead­ing in­no­va­tors among Germany’s small and me­dium-sized enter­prises on 29.06.2018. Before­hand, eggheads — to­gether with many other com­pe­ting com­panies — were analyzed on the basis of scien­tific assess­ment methods, in­clu­ding as­pects such as inno­vation manage­ment, inno­vative cor­po­rate man­age­ment, and inno­vation suc­cess. Here, the com­pany from Bochum excels especially in the “Innovative Processes/Organization” cate­gory in com­par­ison to its fellow com­pe­titors.

Act Digitally and Think Innovatively
For more than 20 years, eggheads has been deve­loping and con­tinuously im­proving its eggheads Suite stan­dard soft­ware, sup­por­ting com­merce and in­dus­trial com­pan­ies in the process con­trol, manage­ment, and sales of their pro­ducts. In par­ti­cu­lar, the client ben­efits from eggheads Suite with re­gards to the di­gi­ta­li­za­tion of the company’s processes. Pro­duct in­for­ma­tion can be per­so­nalized and seg­mented for different sales chan­nels — such as re­gional stores and on­line shops — in order to pro­vide the client’s customers with adequate in­fo. Be­cause this soft­ware is entirely in­de­pen­dent from any spe­cial­ized field or in­dus­try, every client can make use of the stan­dard soft­ware so­lution — be it for high-pressure cleaners, traveling, or fash­ion. Accor­dingly, the client is pro­vided with a so­lution where the in­di­vi­dual modules of the stand­ard soft­ware can be put to­gether as it fits the client’s re­quire­ments and de­mands.

One System to Rule Them All
As one of the leaders in software develop­ment, the TOP inno­vator eggheads con­tin­uously works on improve­ments and ex­ten­sions for the eggheads Suite stan­dard soft­ware so­lution. With the imple­mentation of new applications on the basis of the in­di­vi­dual client’s re­quire­ments, this soft­ware evolves and adapts natur­ally to the di­gi­tal challenges of the mar­kets. Accor­dingly, the new client-inspired appli­cations are then pro­vided to all clients with the ne­west re­lease. This way, all of them benefit from the con­tin­uous pro­gress. Acting di­gitally and think­ing in­no­va­tively day-to-day is part of eggheads self-under­stand­ing and cor­porate ethics. Em­ployees from all de­part­ments are in­vited to bring in their own ideas. To cre­ate the adequate en­vir­on­ment for this, eggheads is guided by the ‘principle of open office doors’ — and a lively dynamic of long-standing ex­per­ience and a cer­tain start-up men­ta­lity, des­pite being well-established in the busi­ness for more than 20 years.

Mutual Collaboration
Ho­wever, not only the own em­ployees are ac­tively in­te­gra­ted into the company’s pro­gress. The in­for­mation ex­change and collaboration with clients and cust­omers is one of the most foun­dational prin­ciples of the soft­ware de­vel­oper from Bochum. eggheads further sup­ports this in­te­grative ap-proach via the so-called “eggheads day” get-together. Here, eggheads employees, clients, and partners alike come to­gether to dis­cuss require­ments and new ideas, while also exchanging ex­pert know­ledge. Users meet pro­grammers, con­sul­tants, and the sup­port ser­vice — even the man­age­ment is in the midst of activities. Some clients have been accompanying eggheads for more than ten years and, by now, they mu­tually col­la­borate with one an­other al­most like fel­low co-workers.

TOP 100 – The Competition
To­gether with men­tor Ranga Yogeshwar, the TOP 100 com­pe­ti­tion hon­ors the com­pan­ies that be-long to the lea­ding in­no­va­tors of Germany’s small and me­dium-sized en­ter­pris­es. For 25 years, com­pa­media has been awar­ding the TOP 100 seal for state-of-the-art in­no­vation pro­wess and cut-ting-edge in­no­vation success. Under scien­tific super­vision, re­nowned ex­perts from the fields of economy, science, media, and politics assess the in­no­vation successes of the com­peting compa-nies. This ass­essment is based on approxi­mately 100 evalu­ation criteria — or­dered by a total of five ca­te­gor­ies: In­no­vation-friend­ly Sen­ior Man­age­ment, Climate of In­no­vation, In­no­vative Pro­cess-es/Organ­ization, Out­ward Look­ing/Open In­no­vation, Suc­cessful In­no­vations. The TOP 100 seal is awarded an­nually to a maximum of 100 com­panies for each of the three as-sessment clas­ses: up to 50 em­ployees, 51 to 200 employees, more than 200 em­ployees. The award ceremony takes place as part of the German SME sum­mit and is mo­der­ated by the mentor of the com­pe­tition, Ranga Yogeshwar, a well-known scien­ce jour­na­list and phy­si­cist. The pro­ject par­tners are the German re­search or­ga­nization Fraun­hofer Society together with the German Association for Small and Me­dium-sized Busi­nesses BVMW.Wolfgang Wichert, CEO of eggheads: “Receiving the TOP in­novator award 2018 has made us enor-mously proud. It moti­vates us to con­tinue break­ing new grounds in the future, in­te­gra­ting our cli-ents and part­ners closely into our own pro­cesses, and analy­zing our­selves critic­ally again and again. Think­ing and ac­ting in­no­vatively is and will re­main to be one of our foun­da­tional prin­ciples.”

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