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Digitalizing Product Data in the Medical Industry

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You want to provide your customers on-time with product information which is not only correct and complete but also in accordance with the law? The quantity of your products keeps growing and growing? The data for your products comes from several sources? All the while digital business models continue to gain in significance for your company?

Is Your Product Data Ready-To-Go For Digitalization?
Stricter and more complex regulations, more and more clinical data as well as digital business models are the core issues of today’s medical technology sector. On top of that, the competitive environment puts relentless pressure on all companies wanting to stay afloat in the market. Stay one step ahead of your competition by always keeping your product information consistent and up-to-date — to then arrange it to suit the requirements of individual sales channels. With our eggheads Suite, you can manage your product information and make preparations towards the digital future.


Data Classifications For Legally-Valid Information
Since the implementation of the UDI system and the enforced surveillance of product data in the European Databank on Medical Devices (EUDAMED), the issue of classifications is more critical now than ever. You are looking for a solution which allows you to provide your product information in accordance with the standards of the respective industries? As a fully generic standard software, eggheads Suites features all classifications from eCl@ss and ProfiCl@ss to ETIM. With the help of a mapping feature, you can simply map your product data to the respective classification for efficient data transfer.

Data Quality — An Integral Aspect Of Region-Specific Regulations
High-quality product information is the alpha and omega of all region-specific regulations, legislations, and standards for labelling requirements and information disclosure. As part of automatable processes, our software makes sure that product information is only approved for release and distribution if said requirements are sufficiently met. The applied labels then allow you to trace your products throughout their product life cycle.

Go To Asia: Sanskrit, Brahmi, Or Mandarin?
When faced with global competition, a built-in translation and workflow process allowing you to manage all contents in all required languages is indispensable. To do so, eggheads Suite supports writing systems from all over the world as well as regional variants from British English and American English, to Mandarin and Cantonese.

Sustaining Your Competitive Market Position
Where there’s growing demand for medical supplies and high requirements, there’s also plenty of innovative products for medical technology. Considering rising cost pressure and stricter market limitations, the protection of your innovations occupies a key role to secure markets on a long-term basis. To this end, patent protection for your product novelties is a must-have. Release and distribution, however, requires caution: High penalties are imposed if patent protections run out but products are still marketed as such. Accordingly, eggheads Suite automatically checks for patent validity when exporting into print and online channels to protect you from such penalties.

Complex Product Models? Challenge Accepted!
The central management of product information helps you avoid data redundancy and data corpses. With eggheads Suite, even complex data structures pose no challenge what so ever. Central product information management is the ideal foundation for the implementation of digital business models alongside processes for quality management.

Product Information — Your Competitive Edge
Let’s take the next step together. Towards an efficient product information management. Provide all of your employees with access to all product descriptions and related contents regardless of time and location. Equipped with consistent product information, you can tackle the challenges of today’s Omni-Channel Commerce head-on, providing your customers with correct product descriptions at all touch points.

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