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Customer comments & Success Stories

... Through the implementation of the eggheads Suite, we have achieved what we had planned: to obtain an optimal overview of all product data, in order to extract data quickly and efficiently, and to eliminate unnecessary data maintenance. ...

Thomas Hutmacher, Director of IT at STEINEL Normalien AG


In addition to the completely functional eggheads Suite standard software, what convinced us in particular was the very professional response of the eggheads employees to our questions, and the solution approach of a proof of concept. ...

Guido Hensel, Managing Director of DELTA-V


... Even during the creation of the requirements specification, we were convinced by the professionalism and approach of eggheads. ...

Christoph Meier, Director of Product and Market Management at SAKRET


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Advertising Material

elasto is the competent partner for the procurement and refinement of advertising material. In addition to excellent articles from own production in Germany and Europe, the company also offers the necessary know-how for the import of promotional items from the Far East. With high-quality and efficient finishing plants, customer-specific advertising messages can be realized on the desired products in the most diverse ways - but always in optimum quality. With more than 200 million promotional items sold per year, elasto is one of the leading European manufacturers and suppliers of promotional items with a large selection, the best service and lots of inspiration!

Construction & Building Materials

For more than 35 years, the German tourism company Berge & Meer, with headquarters in Rengsdorf has specialised in round trips and adventure travel, combination trips and cruises, products with own arrangements for travel to destination, and also activity tours in more than 80 countries. The direct marketing subsidiary of TUI Deutschland GmbH, the world's leading tourism group, currently offers more than 1,000 tours. For this, new travel destinations are discovered, developed,, and marketed by more than 400 employees. Further brand sectors of the Berge & Meer company include travel agency brands FOX-TOURS and OFT-Reisen, whose focal point is the Middle East.
If it’s about the smooth flow of electricity, energy, and data, many engineers and craftspeople all around the globe build on this company’s product portfolio. Literally. With their battle cry “Building Connections,” OBO unifies roughly 30,000 highquality brandname products and services all around electrical engineering under its banner — providing use case oriented solutions for projects concerning industry and infrastructure installations. OBO is a global player and counts about 4,000 employees in around 60 countries. The HQ of the family company founded in 1911 is located in Menden. 40 subsidiaries and partners assure that OBO maintains a dominant market presence on all continents. The key to their success is the central focus on the individual customer’s requirements — made-to-measure, from wholesale electrical supply to specialized craft businesses. OBO provides you not only with state-of-the-art products and optimized high-end systems, but also with active support throughout all project phases.
BAUPART GMBH is a specialist supplier for housing technologies, tools and machines, as well as construction supplies active at a total of eight company locations in Western Germany, Rhine and Ruhr region. Its subsidiary company LESKER BAUPART GMBH supplies the markets of sanitary and heating construction. Its range of costumers primarily consists of craft enterprises and industrial companies, but also includes public institutions and private costumers. At the heart of the specialist supplier’s philosophy is to set high-quality standards for both products and services. About 200 employees work for BAUPART GMBH.
The ESCHA group is a provider in the areas of plug-in connector and casing technology. For more than 30 years, the family company has developed and produced innovative new products which put momentum into the market for automation components. On the basis of its standard products, the company conceives customised connection technology and individualised special solutions. With more than 400 employees and a high level of development and manufacturing expertise, ESCHA is continuously, independently, and flexibly extending its product portfolio. Through its manufacturing plants in Germany, the Czech Republic, and China, as well as manufacturing under licence in the USA and Mexico, ESCHA guarantees the global availability and the consistently high quality of its products.

Consumer Trade

The leading jewelry business CHRIST is the go-to address when it comes to high-class jewelry and watchmaking craftsmanship. Since 1863, CHRIST has been standing for jewelry expertise rich in tradition and for high quality, as represented by CHRIST’s genuine jewelry collections featuring diamond, gold, and pearl. As a trustworthy partner, CHRIST also offers a fascinating variety of wedding rings, wedding jewelry, and everlasting symbols of love. The watch portfolio includes renowned and international brands. With its more than 2,000 employees, CHRIST provides exclusive service and excellent consumer counseling. Specialist shops in inner-city locations, flagship stores, an extensive online shop, social media channels, as well as many more concepts make CHRIST a distinguished multi-channel retailer.
The sports hall’s our home: Since 1984, Sportco GmbH is the go-to partner for everything revolving around gymnastics and sports equipment. Besides international retailing, the service portfolio also encompasses installation of sports facilities as well as inspection, maintenance, and restoration. Regulars range from cities and municipalities to preschools, schools, sports clubs, as well as hobby or competitive athletes — supported by a company counting 50 employees. The ball goes round and round ever so fast — and Sportco keeps up with today’s pace. Modern software in the field of equipment inspection enables paperless transmission of status protocols to customers in a quick and easy fashion. Even the digitalized measurement of sports halls using 3D scanners proves how technological advancements benefit customers. Staying true to the motto, “Sports Innovations — Today, Tomorrow, Throughout”.
The Voralberg foodstuffs retailer and gastronomy company Sutterlüty, with headquarters in Egg, represents regional origin, quality and commitment in the supermarket. The company operates 22 markets, with around 700 employees. By its own estimates, the company has the world's largest selection of regional products. In addition, 17 gastronomy businesses operating under the Gusto name in the local country markets belong to Sutterlüty. Seasonal regional cuisine for a quick lunch, breakfast, or coffee and cake is also offered.
Wahl GmbH is a medium-sized family company which has been in existence for more than 60 years; in the meantime it has established itself in Germany and Austria as a retail and mail order company in the area of agricultural items. As a qualified partner for pasture fencing, animal husbandry, and livestock breeding equipment, equestrianism, and work clothing, Wahl GmbH is located in Dietmannsried in the Oberallgäu administrative district of south-western Germany. In addition to catalogue ordering and stationary retail, the company also provides everything relating to the home, farm, and stable by means of the "WAHL Reitsport" and "Agrar-Fachversand" online purchasing options. Every year, the company generates around 20,000 orders, with an item range of 12,000 sectors. In order to expand its customer base, the company, with about 25 employees, is implementing expansion abroad in the medium term.
Musik Wein GmbH is a wholesaler of musical instruments and accessory items; its existence of more than 80 years puts it amongst the oldest and most traditional musical instrument trading companies in Germany. The company headquarters are in Isernhagen, north-east of Hannover. The product range of Musik Wein runs from guitars to amplifiers, drums, sound and connection technology, and on to wind instruments, tuning devices, and small instruments.

Education & Training

TÜV SÜD Academy is among the major service providers for continuing training available to both national and international organizations alike. Founded in 1986, TÜV SÜD Academy annually trains around 150,000 participants in more than 600 seminar topics. At over 80 locations, state-of-the-art knowledge is transferred in the fields of management, technology, and health with focus on practical applicability. Attainable qualifications and certified degrees meet highest quality standards and receive international recognition. Overall, TÜV SÜD Academy offers continuing training seminars with comprehensive educational management to foster their clients’ competitiveness.

Furniture & Equipment

DELTA-V GmbH, whose headquarters are in Wuppertal, is among the leading office equipment companies in Germany. In the manufacturing of its products, the company from the furniture and wood products industry places particular emphasis on the wishes and requirements of its customers, and on manufacturing to the company's own designs. DELTA-V develops every single product to series production readiness, ensures the highest quality standards, and controls the manufacturing process and all the logistics on the customer's premises. Customers are able to purchase their selected products via a catalogue or in the online shop. For this, the ready-to-use and punctual installation onsite in the workplace is included in the price, from the proposal to delivery anywhere in Germany without problem.
In 1927 the koziol company was founded in Erbach/Odenwald, Germany. It is an owner-managed family company which, with more than 170 employees, strives for qualitative and quantitative growth as a manufacturer of designer household and office articles made from plastic. The products are exported to more than 50 countries, and through the development of new product types which are opening new fields of business worldwide, koziol is approaching a pioneer position in the market. A large variety of products for giving or keeping is offered via specialist and online trading. With 100%-recyclable collections made from thermoplastic materials, koziol is exciting people all over the world.
For more than 50 years, the VME furniture outfitting partner association from Bielefeld in eastern Westphalia has been active in the retail furniture trade involving medium-sized companies in Europe, especially in Germany. VME therefore characterises itself as the largest furniture association in Germany. Nationally, the furniture association has a market share of 10 % in the furniture industry. Around 200 member companies, including more than 400 furniture stores, specialist stores, and cash-and-carry stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, belong to the VME outfitting partner association. Kitchens and upholstered furniture are among the main sectors. The VME outfitting partner association is the centre of a successful network, and is the connecting link between company owners, suppliers, and consumers.
The Fraefel company is Switzerland's largest manufacturer of bathroom furniture and wall-mounted systems for plumbing supplies wholesalers and the plumbing industry. The family company from Toggenburg has been active for more than 100 years, and specialises in flexible and innovative manufacturing methods in the growth market. In addition to its high quality products, Fraefel provides logistics services, and even customised after-sales service packages. With around 100 employees, Fraefel is active right across Europe for customers in the plumbing supplies wholesale business, the specialist furniture business, and the carpentry trade.
As a medium-sized trading and services company for kitchens and installations, Schafferer has provided its customers with a successful range of services since 1889. These consist of well-founded planning and consultancy, a large immediately deliverable range, and expert, reliable customer service. In Freiburg im Breisgau, around 200 employees in the areas of wholesale and retail trade, import and Internet business devote themselves in an area of 2,000 m² to the company motto "Give pleasure", and represent modernity and function in domestic and professional kitchens. With more than 10,000 items, Schafferer offers a comprehensive range of kitchen appliances, catering equipment and table equipment.
Naber GmbH, with headquarters in Nordhorn, is a dynamically growing company in the kitchen accessories sector. Specialist kitchen traders and furniture retailers with kitchen and interior outfitting departments are supplied with more than 3,200 accessory items. Internationally recognised design awards underline the innovative force of the reliable, medium-sized family company. In addition to sinks, fittings, and ventilation technology, Naber's product range also includes practical kitchen accessories such as waste bins and hot water tanks. Together with well known designers, Naber also develops high quality kitchen furniture for the modern household.
The Thalhofer group is a mediumsized wholesaler and importer of wood, whose headquarters are in Deisenhausen, in southern Germany between Ulm and Augsburg. Starting in the 1930s as a raw timber dealer for sawmills and the furniture, paper, and wood pulp industries, today the Thalhofer group has 13 locations in southern Germany between Erfurt and Kempten. Around 450 employees currently work in the group of companies. The product portfolio of the wood wholesaling company ranges from woodbased materials and sawn timber to parquet, stairs, windows, and wooden doors - everything in wood that could be required by the retail sector, by industry, and by the craft trades.


WILO SE is one of the world's leading manufacturer's of pumps and pump systems for building technology, the whole water sector, and for industry. With its eyes to the future, the company, which last year achieved a turnover of 1.2 billion euros, is heavily involved in research and development. The company, whose head office is in Dortmund, is increasingly moving from being a component to a system supplier. Wilo is a synonym internationally for high technology in the pump sector. Behind the company, there are more than 7,500 employees in more than 60 subsidiaries worldwide.
Uponor provides systems and solutions in the areas of heating, cooling, and drinking water installations. In addition, in the Nordic countries Uponor is a well known provider of communal infrastructure solutions. With a marketing network in more than 100 countries, Uponor defines itself as a strong partner for specialist craftsmen, planners, investors, general contractors, and for officials in the areas of housing, agriculture, and industry. On the basis of its many years of experience, the company provides customised solutions which are to the state of the art, and which can be described as both sustainable and energy efficient.
Wolf Group is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers for heating, air handling, and ventilation systems. Together with its mother company Centrotec Sustainable AG, they are among the most impactful suppliers for comprehensive energy saving solutions in the field of building technology. Wolf dedicates itself to mankind’s longing for a feel-good atmosphere as “your professional system supplier for the best indoor environment.” This is also clearly and distinctly highlighted by the company’s slogan: “Wolf – Perfectly in Tune with You.” As of 2017, the company headquartered in Mainburg houses 2.000 employees for sales and services in Germany — alongside 10 daughter companies active in Europe and China. With an additional 60 sales partners present in more than 50 countries, Wolf acts globally and generates yearly sales of €383 million.
FRIATEC AG was founded in 1860, and today belongs to the Aliaxis group of companies, with headquarters in the Belgian capital, Brussels. The company is divided into three business areas which manufacture products of different types for a large number of of customer groups. As a specialist in corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials, for many years FRIATEC has had outstanding know-how in multiple areas. Worldwide market presence is ensured through the cooperation with numerous Aliaxis companies. FRIATEC AG has 1,000 employees at its Mannheim location. As a world market leader in the electro-welded fitting industry, and as a leading provider in the areas of plastic piping systems/wall-mounted installations, as well as industrial and laboratory ceramics, FRIATEC is in permanent contact with its customers, in order to develop new products to demanding quality standards.
Pure, clean water is an essential source of life and the very basis of our existence — yet, still, it’s susceptible to a great many threads and dangers. GRAF develops, produces, and provides a comprehensive product range centering all around water resource management. Here, solutions for global challenges such as water pollution or flood control meet brand-name quality ‘made in Germany’. For this purpose, Europe’s market leader builds upon its more than 50 years’ worth of experience. The sustainable long-term management of water resources, the prevention of environmental and ecological damage, as well as an ethical treatment of both human and nature alike constitute GRAF’s main focus.

Lights & Lamps

Since 1873, Brumberg has devoted itself to illumination and luminaires. Among their first products were petroleum lamps — from development to production. Today, Brumberg is one of Germany’s leading luminaire manufacturers. The family enterprise considers itself as a pioneer for innovative and future-oriented products. Design, functionality, state-of-the-art technologies and energy efficiency — with focus on LED solutions, their luminaires excel in both indoor and outdoor use.
MÜLLER-LICHT is one of Germany’s leading specialists for illumination with headquarters in Lilienthal. MÜLLER-LICHT’s products are rated best by German consumer organizations such as the prestigious Stiftung Warentest. The slogan “Good Light. Good Price” says it all: The company provides high quality at attractive prices. Besides lamps and illuminants of all kinds for private customers, the product portfolio encompasses professional illumination solutions for lighting design, stores, and the industries. The focus lies on energy-saving, sustainable, and smart LED technologies. Under the brand Blaupunkt, the company also provides online-based security and home automation solutions for both private households and offices. Since 2011, MÜLLER-LICHT International GmbH is a member of Wünsche Group — an international trading company with more than 1000 employees all over the world. MÜLLER-LICHT itself currently counts 100 employees, generating a revenue of over €70 million. Because the company is active all around the globe, it has partner offices in USA, England, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Australia.
RIDI is a manufacturer of technical lights, with subsidiaries and representatives right across Europe. Manufacture includes all types of indoor technical lights for very varied lighting requirements. With the aid of the most modern CAD equipment, new products are conceived at RIDI, and proven models are further developed. The highly automated manufacturing ensures outstanding and consistent quality of the products produced. However, the implementation of many special models is also the focal point of the product range. Quality, service, and direct customer contact stand at the top of the sales and marketing concept for RIDI. The sales department is always completely up to date, and plans every type of article together with the customer. Here, the range stretches from a simple lighting solution to complex lighting control systems.

Medical Technology

BEGO is an internationally active, medium-sized dental company which provides innovative devices, instruments, materials, implants, services and processes for the manufacture and processing of "Made by BEGO" dentures. With 100 locations worldwide, and around 450 employees, BEGO is represented on the international market, and in this time of digital change it acts as a reliable partner for dental technicians and dentists, on the basis of future-oriented technologies. The manufacture and development of the implants takes place exclusively in Germany. Bego's customers can depend on the top "Made in Germany" quality.
For more than 140 years, Aesculap has supported the development of surgery. On the basis of this experience over many decades, the company today provides a one-stop shop with system solutions for the complete core process in the operating theatre, from opening, to surgery, wound closure, and sterile goods processing. Aesculap's product range, which covers more than 6,000 instruments, includes surgical instruments, implants, endoscopes, surgical motor systems, suture material, container and storage systems, and products for vascular therapy. At Aesculap, the exchange of knowledge is driven by an international range of service provision, as well as numerous continuous and further education activities. Aesculap's innovative portfolio makes it the expert partner in the field of surgery.
For 29 years, TROKAMED GmbH from Geisingen has been characterised as a specialist in medical and precision technology. The tailored project management, documentation, and manufacture of highly technical, innovative systems and instruments is divided into the two core areas of expertise, medical technology, especially for minimally invasive surgery, and precision technology. In addition, the company is well known as the OEM supplier for customer-specific products. Many years of experience and ongoing collaboration in constructive dialogue with the medical users have not just given TROKAMED the necessary know-how, but have in fact created a clear advantage in knowledge for the company.

Plastics Processing

Wherever goods are wrapped, bottled, or transported — Murtfeldt’s products are put to use. The German company is among the world’s leading manufacturers for sliding guides, chains, belts, and even individual machine components using wear-resistant plastics. In the fifties, Murtfeldt achieved overwhelming success with its plastic "S"® Green. Thus, a brand was born which represents — then as now — top-notch sliding properties, high wear resistance, and long-lasting product durability. Today, the company provides a rich portfolio of plastics used in all industries: automation, installation, operation, and propulsion technology; the food and packaging industries; as well as medicine technology, production of pharmaceuticals, or laboratory equipment. Depending on the customer’s requirements, employed materials are either anti-static, anti-bacterial, wear-resistant, or temperature-resistant.


Steinel Normalien AG is a manufacturer of stamping and forming technology and an international supplier of standard components for high-end tool making. The company, which has been in existence for about 70 years produces and develops standard components at its headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen, and is established as a systems partner for this sector. In addition, the company is represented in Switzerland and France, and so the combined catalogue is available online in 3 languages. The medium-sized family operation provides an extensive product range, with around 25,000 items, whose quality is guaranteed by 150 employees. The product range equally includes gas pressure springs, tank plates, and machine elements, as well as compressed air stamping units and knuckle-joint presses. Through its unceasing ambition, Steinel Normalien AG places particular emphasis on customer-specific demands.
For more than 45 years, reichelt elektronik has been one of the biggest European online retailers for electronics and IT technology — currently providing an extensive product portfolio of more than 100,000 articles. In their online shop, engineers can find ICs and MCUs, LEDs and transistors or resistors, capacitors, cables, as well as relays. High-quality tools and measuring devices — such as soldering stations, multimeters, or oscilloscopes — are also included in the product portfolio. End users and businesses alike find great interest in attractive prices for built-in and external hard drives, AMD or Intel CPUs, RAM, WLAN routers, powerlines and patch cables in the world of computer and network technology. Yet, it doesn’t end here: The product program also features a great selection of entertainment electronics, from beamers, TVs, to LNBs and receivers — as well as additional supplies, like HDMI cables and batteries.
Apra-norm provides a comprehensive product range for 19" technology, from table-top housings to computer cases to cabinet technology for all applications. In addition to the engineering, the optimised manufacturing technology creates efficient economic use for the user. Whether Standard, modified Standard or individualised; whether steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic: apra-norm has the appropriate manufacturing technology for every quantity. Thanks to the synergies of metal and plastic manufacturing within the apra group, even unusual casing solutions can be implemented. The apranorm cabinets and cases have earned their good name on the market through their quality, precision, functionality, and innovative design.
SiP Service in Partnership (German: SiP Service in Partnerschaft GbR) is a general partnership made up of some of the world’s leading manufacturers and servicecentered specialist retailers. The partnership was founded in 1997 with a clear vision: “We are the international goto partners for technologies in the fields of lifting, transport, cargo security, and fall protection — be it for counseling, or product and service quality.” Alongside the joint publication of the collective SiP catalogs, their aim is to assure sustainable longterm use and maintenance of SiP products. The 20 SiP companies maintain strict quality standards encompassing all processes for a successful collaboration. Be it professional counseling or reliable services for examining and repairing.

Textile & Clothing

Margarete Steiff GmbH is the world’s premier stuffed animal and toy manufacturer. For more than 135 years, the name Steiff has been a paragon of high-end quality, certified safety, and first-class materials. When Margarete Steiff first came up with the idea to make a pin cushion that has the design of a baby elephant in 1880, to then experience how this felt-crafted animal suddenly made its way into the hearts of the young as their soft cuddly friend — she came to realize just how important toys crafted with love are to children. Her principle “For children only the best is good enough” marks the business ethics lived by Steiff, imbuing the work and all products that leave their production lines.
MEWA is one of the leading providers in the textile management sector. MEWA is active right across Europe from 44 locations, and professionally and efficiently takes on the complete handling of the area of industrial textiles for companies in industry, commerce, hand crafts, catering, and services. This includes the faultless provision of textiles for every branch of professional and protective clothing for employees, from cleaning cloths, to cleaning of machinery and equipment, to doormats, cleaning of parts, washroom services, and suitable items for occupational safety and technical needs.
Sporthaus Schuster is the original Munich sports house, a family company with around 100 years of tradition and, with a surface area of 5000 m², one of the leading companies in the European market. With unswerving passion for the sports world of the Alps, Sporthaus Schuster is also an expert advisor in its online presence. The sports retailing company, located on the Marienplatz in the heart of Munich, presents an exciting range of top brand products, not just for mountaineering, but also down in the valley or in the water, when walking or running, cycling, or swimming.


TUI AG is a German tourism group, with headquarters in both Berlin and Hannover, where the latter is simultaneously the group headquarters. The abbreviation TUI stands for Touristik Union International. TUI's unique portfolio of hotels, the cruise lines, six European airlines, and the marketing strength of the organisers, both online and also via the relevant travel agencies throughout Europe, are all combined under a single umbrella. The world's leading tourism group represents a consistent customer experience throughout all steps in the creation of added value in tourism. Every day, 7,000 employees work to create unforgettable holiday experiences for more than 30 million customers. As an integrated travel concern, the operator, marketing, and hotel brands of the TUI group provide the full spectrum of services relating to holidays and travel.
With a turnover of about seven billion euros and 9,400 employees, DER is one of the leading tourism groups in Germany and Europe. As a segment of the Rewe Group, the company is currently the market leader in Germany in terms of fixed location travel agencies, with 2,100 points of sale. In this respect, DER Touristik is split into three divisions: DER Touristik Köln GmbH, also known as REWE Touristik Gesellschaft mbH, which is specialised in classical holiday tours, DER Touristik Frankfurt GmbH & CO. KG (DERTOUR GmbH & Co. KG), an organiser of individualised and long-haul travel, and the travel agency company DER Deutsches Reisebüro GmbH & CO. KG. All told, around 7.7 million customers from 14 countries in Europa travel with DER Touristik to 179 international destination countries.
FTI Touristik GmbH is part of the FTI GROUP, and with its numerous brands it stands in fourth place amongst the German tour operators. The company, with headquarters in Munich has around 6,500 employees, and is represented by a subsidiary in Austria, and also an affiliate in Switzerland. The tour operator, FTI Touristik GmbH, provides a comprehensive range of package and modular tours. In addition, the last-minute operator 5vorFlug, the hire car broker driveFTI, the online portal, the largest German language trip organiser, LAL Sprachreisen, and the destination management company, Meeting Point International, the organiser for special offer goods BigXtra, round out the portfolio of the FTI GROUP. The FTI GROUP bundles its cruise business with the flagship MS BERLIN under FTI Cruises.
For more than 35 years, the German tourism company Berge & Meer, with headquarters in Rengsdorf has specialised in round trips and adventure travel, combination trips and cruises, products with own arrangements for travel to destination, and also activity tours in more than 80 countries. The direct marketing subsidiary of TUI Deutschland GmbH, the world's leading tourism group, currently offers more than 1,000 tours. For this, new travel destinations are discovered, developed,, and marketed by more than 400 employees. Further brand sectors of the Berge & Meer company include travel agency brands FOX-TOURS and OFT-Reisen, whose focal point is the Middle East.
The company Wikinger Reisen, which is active in Europe in the sector of walking tours, provides its customers with activity and walking tours worldwide. The travel organiser, based in Hagen in Westphalia, is represented all over Germany with around 1,000 partner offices, and as well as arranging cycling and trekking tours, also concentrates on preparing options for study trekking tours and long haul travel. Wikinger Reisen GmbH has around 120 employees and is represented by about 300 travel guides. For a number of years, Wikinger Reisen has been cooperating with DER Touristik, German's third largest tourism group, and benefits from its network of affiliates. In addition, 20 % of the company belongs to the Georg Kraus foundation, and so in this way Wikinger Reisen also accepts social responsibility and thus supports development collaboration worldwide as an organiser.
LuxairTours, LuxairGroup’s own tour operator, biggest tour operator in the Greater Region, was created in 1968 and is specialized in holiday destinations and packaged deals. For the past several years, it has offered a wide choice of more than 40 vacation sites and 800 different hotels in sunny destinations. LuxairTours proposes 5 distinct catalogues to satisfy the diversified travel tastes of today's customers.
The tourism company INTER CHALET Ferienhaus is a German tour operator in the rental sector for holiday homes, apartments, and resorts in Europe. The company, which has been in business for 40 years, provides its customers with an individual holiday home at any time of year, with a selection of 26,000 possible holiday homes and apartments throughout Europe, and in the USA. The selection of INTER CHALET holiday apartments and INTER CHALET holiday apartments is at its most extensive in southern Europe during the summer, and during the winter in the Alpine regions. The company's customer base is now at 810,000, and around 235 employees work for the tourism company.
LAL Sprachreisen GmbH is a sector of the FTI Group, and specialises in language trips for school children and adults. LAL has established itself as one of the leading providers of language trips in this sector. The extensive range consists of eight language schools on Malta, in Torbay, London, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Town, Boston and El Gouna, nine summer schools, and 75 partner schools. Additionally, there is the option to book international examinations, business courses, and long term courses. The entire range of options is subject to ongoing quality inspections, as well as recognition by the responsible authorities.
Wolters Reisen is an expert specialist in holiday home vacations throughout Europe and Florida (USA), and in trips to northern Europe, the British Isles, and the Azores. Whether unorthodox holiday homes, circular tours with car or bus, activity tours, or adventure cruises – Wolters Reisen fulfils individual travel wishes at an optimum price/performance ratio. Here, a high level of service related to the trip is ensured, starting with the booking, and going all the way to the end of the holiday. Since 1989, Wolters Reisen has belonged to the TUI Group, one of Germany's leading tourism companies. Today, about 160 multilingual employees work at the company headquarters in Stuhr near Bremen.
vtours is one of German's virtual travel organisers. As a pioneer in the dynamic production of trips, since its foundation in 2004 the company has successfully become established in the industry, and currently has 110 employees in Aschaffenburg. vtours travel deals can be booked via well-known internet portals and in travel agencies. Agencies can access vtours products via Amadeus (Toma), Sabre (Merlin), Traffics, travel IT, the BistroPortal price comparison system, and the TravelTainment IBE. The product range covering 70 countries currently includes 4,500 hotels in short and medium-haul destinations, as well as 1,500 hotels in long-haul destinations.
The tour operator, L'TUR Tourismus, from Baden-Baden specialises in last-minute tours. The company was founded in 1987, and is 70% owned by TUI Travel plc. In addition to beach holidays, the range offered also includes city trips, sport and wellness tours, cruises, event trips, and winter holidays. L'TUR cooperates with around 20,000 hotels and 250 airlines, such as Air Berlin, Condor, Emirates, Eurowings, Lufthansa, and TUIfly, and in some cases it has exclusive contracts with tourism service providers.
TravelTrex GmbH was founded in 1999 in Cologne, initially specialized in the sale of ski holidays under the SnowTrex brand. Within the short span of a few years, the company rose within the field to become Germany’s largest tour operator. Since 2005, SnowTrex holidays has also been sold internationally and is now available in a total of 12 languages. Consequently, TravelTrex now belongs to the leading international tour operators selling winter sports holidays. Since 2007, the company has also marketed summer holidays under the trading name HolidayTrex. The subsequent brands SpaTrex and SportsTrex fully complement the diverse portfolio of holidays whole year round.
OLIMAR is a medium-sized tourism company, and a specialist in tours to Portugal, Italy, Spain, Cape Verde, and in golf tours. For more than 40 years, Olimar has held the position of the pioneer and market leader for tours to Portugal. The company from Cologne provides its customers with varied round and theme tours, whether cultural, gourmet, active, or adventure travel. In addition, Olimar Last Minute provides trips to spontaneous holidaymakers. With this versatile range, the company is able to fulfil the customer's individual needs.
GOLF GLOBE GmbH is a travel business in Hannover, specialized in golf travels. Since 2014, GOLF GLOBE has been the exclusive cooperation partner of TUI Group, taking over their worldwide golf tour business. Under its own brand GOLF GLOBE as well as the TUI travel business brands TUI Golf and airtours Golf, GOLF GLOBE covers the entire scope of golf vacations: from starting time to booking and transaction etc. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, GOLF GLOBE works together with more than 10.000 traveling agencies, hereby forging a wide-ranging sales network.
The coach tour operator from Witten, Hafermann Reisen, provides a wide range of city and musical tours, river cruises, holiday tours, and circular and educational tours in modern coaches throughout Europe. All circular tours are accompanied by an expert tour leader and experienced coach driver, and include an extensive programme of excursions, but further options also include individual group tours, incentive tours, and coach rental services with an individual, tailored programme. The Hafermann family company has 120 employees and 200 hotel partners, and has been in business for more than 100 years.

Vehicle Parts & Accessories

Custom Chrome Europe GmbH, based in Grolsheim in Rheinland-Pfalz, was founded in 1984 as a wholesaler of motorcycle accessories. Today CCE is the leading accessories company in Europe specialising in Harley-Davidson motorcycles and custom bikes. The extensive product range, illustrated in the 1,500 page product catalogue, includes more than 30,000 parts containing everything that the biker could need, from a bolt to a bike seat to a complete engine.

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