Friatec AG

FRIATEC AG was foun­ded in 1860, and to­day be­longs to the Aliaxis group of com­panies, with head­quarters in the Bel­gian ca­pital, Brussels. The com­pany is di­vided into three busi­ness areas which manu­facture pro­ducts of different types for a lar­ge num­ber of of cus­tomer groups. As a spe­cialist in corrosion-resistant and wear-­resistant ma­terials, for many years FRIATEC has had out­standing know-how in multi­ple areas. World­wide market pre­sence is en­sured through the cooper­ation with nu­merous Aliaxis com­panies. FRIATEC AG has 1,000 em­ployees at its Mann­heim lo­cation. As a world mar­ket lea­der in the ele­ctro-welded fitting in­dustry, and as a lead­ing provider in the areas of plastic pi­ping sys­tems/wall-mounted insta­llations, as well as indus­trial and labor­atory ceramics, FRIA­TEC is in per­manent con­tact with its cus­tomers, in order to deve­lop new pro­ducts to de­man­ding quality stan­dards.

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