Hafermann-Reisen GmbH & Co. KG

The coach tour oper­ator from Witten, Hafer­mann Reisen, pro­vides a wide range of city and musi­cal tours, river crui­ses, holi­day tours, and circu­lar and edu­ca­tional tours in mo­dern coaches through­out Europe. All cir­cular tours are accom­panied by an ex­pert tour leader and exper­ienced coach driver, and in­clude an ex­ten­sive pro­gramme of ex­cursions, but fur­ther op­tions also in­clude in­dividual group tours, in­centive tours, and coach ren­tal ser­vices with an in­di­vidual, tail­ored pro­gramme. The Hafer­mann family com­pany has 120 em­ployees and 200 ho­tel part­ners, and has been in busi­ness for more than 100 years.


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