MEWA Textil-Service AG & Co. Manag. OHG

MEWA is one of the lead­ing pro­viders in the textile ma­na­ge­ment sector. MEWA is active right across Europe from 44 lo­ca­tions, and pro­fessio­nally and effi­ciently takes on the com­plete hand­ling of the area of indus­trial text­iles for com­panies in in­dustry, com­merce, hand crafts, cater­ing, and ser­vices. This in­clu­des the fault­less pro­vision of text­iles for every branch of pro­fessional and pro­tective clo­thing for em­ployees, from clean­ing cloths, to clea­ning of ma­chinery and equip­ment, to door­mats, clean­ing of parts, wash­room ser­vices, and suit­able items for occupa­tional sa­fety and tech­nical needs.

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