Müller-Licht International GmbH

MÜLLER-LICHT is one of Germany’s leading specialists for illumination with headquarters in Lilienthal. MÜLLER-LICHT’s products are rated best by German consumer organizations such as the prestigious Stiftung Warentest. The slogan “Good Light. Good Price” says it all: The company provides high quality at attractive prices. Besides lamps and illuminants of all kinds for private customers, the product portfolio encompasses professional illumination solutions for lighting design, stores, and the industries. The focus lies on energy-saving, sustainable, and smart LED technologies. Under the brand Blaupunkt, the company also provides online-based security and home automation solutions for both private households and offices. Since 2011, MÜLLER-LICHT International GmbH is a member of Wünsche Group — an international trading company with more than 1000 employees all over the world. MÜLLER-LICHT itself currently counts 100 employees, generating a revenue of over €70 million. Because the company is active all around the globe, it has partner offices in USA, England, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Australia.

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