SAKRET Trockenbaustoffe Europa GmbH & Co. KG

SA­KRET, which has been tra­ding for more than 50 years, is known every­where inter­nation­ally as a manu­facturer of dry con­struction materials. In Ger­many, five com­panies com­bine under the SA­KRET brand identity. These are SA­KRET Bau­systeme, SA­KRET GmbH, SA­KRET München, SA­KRET Painten, and SA­KRET Sachsen, and they are distri­buted across 18 lo­ca­tions in Ger­many. SA­KRET is active world­wide, with 60 lo­ca­tions and 26 pro­duction sites, spread across 29 coun­tries. A signi­fi­cant pro­duct range inclu­ding more than 500 pro­ducts and around 3,000 variants is pro­vided. In addition to the large pro­duct range, SA­KRET pro­vides its cus­tomers with exten­sive support in terms of ser­vices - from masonry analy­ses to specia­list con­sultancy, enter­prise value calcula­tion, and co­lour pro­posals, and to trai­ning in its own trai­ning cen­tre.

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