STEINEL Normalien AG

STEINEL Normalien AG is a manu­fac­turer of stam­ping and for­ming tech­no­logy and an in­ter­national supplier of stan­dard com­po­nents for high-end tool ma­king. The com­pany, which has been in existence for about 70 years pro­duces and de­ve­lops stan­dard com­po­nents at its head­quarters in Villingen-Schwen­ningen, and is estab­lished as a sys­tems part­ner for this sector. In addition, the com­pany is re­presented in Switzerland and France, and so the com­bined cata­logue is avail­able on­line in 3 langua­ges. The me­dium-sized family oper­ation pro­vides an exten­sive pro­duct range, with around 25,000 items, whose quality is guaran­teed by 150 em­ployees. The pro­duct range equally in­cludes gas pressure springs, tank plates, and machine ele­ments, as well as com­pressed air stam­ping units and knuckle-joint presses. Through its un­ceasing am­bition, STEI­NEL Norm­alien AG places parti­cular em­phasis on cus­tomer-spe­cific de­mands.

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