Sutterlüty Handels GmbH

The Vor­al­berg food­stuffs re­tai­ler and gastro­nomy com­pany Sutter­lüty, with head­quar­ters in Egg, re­presen­ts regional origin, quality and commit­ment in the super­market. The com­pany oper­ates 22 markets, with around 700 em­ployees. By its own esti­mates, the com­pany has the world's lar­gest selec­tion of regio­nal pro­ducts. In addition, 17 gastro­nomy busi­nesses opera­ting under the Gusto name in the local country markets be­long to Sutter­lüty. Seas­onal re­gional cuisine for a quick lunch, break­fast, or coffee and cake is also offer­ed.

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