Thomas Cook GmbH

Thomas Cook GmbH is a 100% sub­sidiary of the Thomas Cook Group plc. In Ger­many, Thomas Cook is the se­cond lar­gest pro­vider of tourist ser­vices and pro­ducts, and em­ploys more than 5,000 em­ployees. With Necker­mann Reisen, Thomas Cook, ÖGER TOURS, BUCHER Last Minute, and Air Marin, the com­pany owns leading well-known opera­tor brands. The holi­day air­line Con­dor brings its cus­to­mers to the most beauti­ful holi­day desti­na­tions in the world. With its own SENTIDO, smart­line, Sun­Connect, SUN­WING and SUN­PRIME ho­tel con­cepts, Tho­mas Cook ful­fils the needs of various tar­get groups. Tho­mas Cook is well di­versi­fied, both through third-party travel agency sales and also through its own and fran­chise marke­ting. The marke­ting con­cept also in­cludes on­line marke­ting via its own web­sites or ex­ter­nal por­tals.

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