TUI Deutschland GmbH

TUI AG is a Ger­man tourism group, with head­quar­ters in both Ber­lin and Hann­over, where the latter is sim­ulta­neously the group head­quarters. The ab­bre­via­tion TUI stands for Touristik Union In­ter­na­tional. TUI's uni­que port­folio of hotels, the cruise lines, six European air­lines, and the marke­ting strength of the organisers, both on­line and also via the rele­vant travel agen­cies through­out Europe, are all com­bined un­der a single um­brella. The world's lead­ing tourism group re­pre­sents a con­sis­tent cus­tomer ex­per­ience through­out all steps in the crea­tion of added value in tour­ism. Every day, 7,000 em­ployees work to create un­forget­table holi­day ex­perien­ces for more than 30 million cus­to­mers. As an inte­gra­ted travel concern, the oper­ator, marke­ting, and hotel brands of the TUI group pro­vide the full spec­trum of ser­vices relating to holi­days and tra­vel.

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