Uponor GmbH

Uponor pro­vides sys­tems and so­lutions in the areas of hea­ting, cool­ing, and drinking water in­stall­ations. In addit­ion, in the Nordic countries Uponor is a well known pro­vider of co­mm­unal infra­structure so­lu­tions. With a marke­ting net­work in more than 100 countries, Uponor de­fines it­self as a strong part­ner for spe­cia­list crafts­men, planners, investors, ge­neral con­tractors, and for officials in the areas of hous­ing, agri­culture, and in­dustry. On the ba­sis of its many years of ex­perience, the com­pany pro­vides cus­tomised so­lutions which are to the state of the art, and which can be des­cribed as both sus­tainable and energy efficient.



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