Einrichtungspartnerring VME GmbH & Co. KG

For more than 50 years, the VME furniture outfitting partner association from Bielefeld in eastern Westphalia has been active in the retail furniture trade involving medium-sized companies in Europe, especially in Germany. VME therefore characterises itself as the largest furniture association in Germany. Nationally, the furniture association has a market share of 10 % in the furniture industry. Around 200 member companies, including more than 400 furniture stores, specialist stores, and cash-and-carry stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, belong to the VME outfitting partner association. Kitchens and upholstered furniture are among the main sectors. The VME outfitting partner association is the centre of a successful network, and is the connecting link between company owners, suppliers, and consumers.


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