Wahl GmbH

Wahl GmbH is a me­dium-sized family com­pany which has been in exis­tence for more than 60 years; in the mean­time it has establi­shed itself in Ger­many and Aus­tria as a re­tail and mail order com­pany in the area of agri­cultural items. As a qualified part­ner for pasture fencing, ani­mal hus­bandry, and live­stock breeding equip­ment, equestrianism, and work clothing, Wahl GmbH is lo­cated in Diet­manns­ried in the Ober­all­gäu ad­ministra­tive dis­trict of south-western Ger­many. In addition to cata­logue order­ing and sta­tionary retail, the com­pany also pro­vides every­thing re­lating to the home, farm, and stable by means of the "WAHL Reit­sport" and "Agrar-Fach­versand" on­line purch­asing op­tions. Every year, the com­pany gen­erates around 20,000 orders, with an item range of 12,000 sectors. In order to ex­pand its cus­tomer base, the com­pany, with about 25 emp­loyees, is imple­menting expan­sion abroad in the me­dium term.


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