Wikinger-Reisen GmbH

The com­pany Wikin­ger Reisen, which is active in Europe in the sec­tor of wal­king tours, pro­vides its cus­tomers with activity and wal­king tours world­wide. The travel or­ganiser, based in Hagen in West­phalia, is re­pre­sented all over Ger­many with around 1,000 part­ner offices, and as well as arran­ging cycling and trekking tours, also concen­trates on pre­paring opt­ions for study trekking tours and long haul travel. Wikin­ger Reisen GmbH has around 120 em­ployees and is re­presen­ted by about 300 travel guides. For a num­ber of years, Wikin­ger Rei­sen has been coopera­ting with DER Touristik, Ger­man's third lar­gest touri­sm group, and bene­fits from its net­work of affiliates. In addition, 20 % of the com­pany be­longs to the Georg Kraus foun­dation, and so in this way Wikin­ger Rei­sen also accepts social re­spon­sibility and thus supports de­velop­ment colla­bor­ation world­wide as an organ­iser.

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