Wolters Reisen GmbH

Wol­ters Rei­sen is an ex­pert spe­cialist in holi­day home va­ca­tions throug­hout Europe and Florida (USA), and in trips to northern Eu­rope, the British Isles, and the Azores. Whether un­ortho­dox holi­day ho­mes, cir­cular tours with car or bus, ac­tivity tours, or ad­ven­ture cruises – Wol­ters Rei­sen ful­fils indi­vi­dual travvel wishes at an opti­mum price/per­for­mance ratio. Here, a high level of ser­vice re­lated to the trip is en­sured, start­ing with the book­ing, and going all the way to the end of the holi­day. Since 1989, Wolt­ers Rei­sen has be­lon­ged to the TUI Group, one of Ger­many's lea­ding tourism com­panies. Today, about 160 multi­lingual em­ployees work at the com­pany head­quarters in Stuhr near Bre­men.



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