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eggheads is among the TOP 100

… and, accordingly, the cutting-edge innovators of Germany’s SMEs. In the independent selection process, eggheads excelled especially in the “Innovative Processes/Organization” category. Accordingly, eggheads received an out­standing assess­ment in comparison to all other TOP 100 innovators in the assessment class for companies with 51 to 200 employees in this category.

Besides utilizing corresponding project planning software, eggheads’ project management is primarily centered around division/company-overarching project work. Among other aspects, this is supported by direct communication paths on the management level. Additionally, eggheads paves a new, innovative path with its Scrum-esque software development processes — whereas the development of eggheads Suite is continuously guided by the clients’ requirements. This integra­tive approach to software development is further supported by the “eggheads day” event. Here, clients and partners are provided with the oppor­tunity to come together and dis­cuss the up-coming challenges and requirements, to plan ahead, and exchange expert knowledge. This way, not only new requirements for the software are concept­ualized, but the trust and colla­borative work together with partners is also strengthened.

Wolfgang Wichert, CEO of eggheads, “Receiving the TOP inno­vator award 2018 has made us enor­mously proud. It moti­vates us to continue brea­king new grounds in the future, inte­grating our clients and partners closely into our own processes, and analyzing our­selves critically again and again. Thinking and acting inno­vatively is and will remain to be one of our foundational principles.”


TOP 100 competition

The TOP 100 competition honors the com­panies that belong to the leading inno­vators of Germany’s small and medium-sized enter­prises. For 25 years, compamedia has been awar­ding the TOP 100 seal for state-of-the-art inno­vation prowess and cutting-edge inno­vation success. Under scientific super­vision, reno­wned experts from the fields of economy, science, media, and politics assess the inno­vation successes of the com­peting companies. This assess­ment is based on appro­ximately 100 evaluation criteria — ordered by a total of five cate­gories: Innovation-friendly Senior Management, Climate of Innovation, Innovative Process-es/Organization, Outward Looking/Open Innovation, Successful Innovations.

The TOP 100 seal is awarded annually to a maximum of 100 companies for each of the three assess­ment classes: up to 50 employees, 51 to 200 employees, more than 200 employees. The award ceremony takes place as part of the German SME sum­mit and is mode­rated by the mentor of the competition, Ranga Yogeshwar, a well-known science journalist and physicist. The project par­tners are the German re­search orga­nization Fraunhofer Society together with the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses BVMW.

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TOP 100 competition
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